Oman Bullhead Shark Heterodontus omanensis

Ebert, David A and Khan, M and Valinassab, Tooraj and Akhilesh, K V and Tesfamichael, Dawit (2017) Oman Bullhead Shark Heterodontus omanensis. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2018.

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    The Oman Bullhead Shark (Heterodontus omanensis) is known only from central Oman and Pakistan. Although information is limited on its habitat and ecology, based on known habitats of other Heterodontus species it likely inhabits a rocky reef substrate, reducing its vulnerability to bottom trawl fisheries. However, there are trawl caught records of this species, and it is a potential bycatch of demersal line fisheries operating within its range, although no specific information is currently available. More information is required on its biology, abundance and full range, capture in fisheries and population trends. While the limited number of individuals recorded to date may suggest this species occurs in areas not fished heavily, there is currently insufficient information at assess how fisheries in the region are interacting with the species, and as such it is assessed as Data Deficient.

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