Textbook of Oyster Biology and Culture in India

Narasimham, K A and Kripa, V (2007) Textbook of Oyster Biology and Culture in India. Directorate of Information and Publications of Agriculture, New Delhi.


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Oysters are bivalve molluscs occurring worldwide in temperate, subtropical and tropical seas. Generally they inhabit the coastal waters. Certain species of oysters also occur in lagoons, estuaries and backwaters. They are endowed with a pelagic larval life which ensures wider distribution. The larvae settle on hard substrates such as rocks, molluscan shells or on firm bottom areas, undergo metamorphosis and lead sedentary life. Oysters are filter feeders, feed low in the food chain and playa crucial role in the coastal ecosystem. The soft body parts of the oyster are enclosed within two shells which protect the animal from external disturbances. Oyster meat is nutritious and rich in protein and minerals

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