Culture potential of the sand lobster Thenus orientalis (Lund)

Kizhakudan, Joe K (2005) Culture potential of the sand lobster Thenus orientalis (Lund). International Symposium on improved sustainability of fish production by appropriate technologies for utilisation Sustain Fish 2005 . pp. 16-18.



Lobsters have a complex and prolonged life cycle , which often involves several planktonic ("free floating") larval stages. Although =ports of research conducted in different parts of the world indicate the amenability of lobsters to being cultured in closed systems, lobster aquaculture is still a virgin arena in India. Larval rearing of lobsters in captive conditions has always posed a problem owing to the complexity of their life cycle with delicate larval stages. The key bottleneck for lobster aquaculture is the hatchery-nursery phase. Like the spiny lobster, the sand lobster, represented by a single species in India's lobster fishery - Thenus orientalis (Lund, 1793), too has a complex and prolonged life cycle, though not as prolonged as in the case of the former.

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