Meiyappan, M M and Mohamed, K S (2003) Cephalopods. In: Status of Exploited Marine Fishery Resources of India. Mohan Joseph, M and Jayaprakash, A A,(eds.) CMFRI, Cochin, pp. 221-227. ISBN 81-901219-3-6



Cephalopods include squids, cuttlefishes and octopuses and are commercially exploited all along the Indian coast. These were once thrown overboard as discards but the demand from export trade in the mid-seventies induced the fishers to save these catches. Since then the production has been rapidly increasing and the present annual production is around 100,000 tonnes. The cephalopods contribute to about 4% of total marine landings. They account for about 10% by value of the total marine products exported. There are about 80 species recorded from Indian waters but only a dozen are of commercial importance

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