Technology of edible oyster culture

Appukuttan, K K and Muthiah, P (1996) Technology of edible oyster culture. CMFRI Bulletin-Artificial reefs and Seafarming technologies, 48 . pp. 64-69.



Oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, cockles and abalones are major groups of molluscs which are cultured in different parts of the world. Edible oysters are the most important among them, as they are great delicacy and there is growing demand. There is an increasing interest in oyster culture in tropical countries in recent years. Apart from the edibility of meat, the shells have various industrial and agricultural use. Considering the oysters as a renewable resource of much needed animal protein and the employment potential, oyster culture offers to the rural communities, its culture has been taken up as an R & D programme of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute. The studies carried out since 1970, have resulted in developing simple culture methods suitable for Indian conditions.

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