Stock assessment: squids and cuttlefishes at selected centres

Silas, E G and Meiyappan, M M and Sarvesan, R and Nair, K Prabhakaran and Srinath, M and Rao, K Satyanarayana (1985) Stock assessment: squids and cuttlefishes at selected centres. CMFRI Bulletin, 37 . pp. 71-79.



Stock assessment studies have been made on the squid Loligo duvaucelii of Madras and Cochin areas, the cuttlefish Sepia aculeata of Madas area and Sepia pharaorUs of Vizhiiyam area. The exploitation rate, total mortality, instantaneous mortality, average annual stock and standing stock have been estimated and discussed. The study shows that in Vizhinjam area there is scope for increasing production in the existing fishing grounds.

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