Climate Change and Marine Fisheries Management

Rao, G Syda (2011) Climate Change and Marine Fisheries Management. In: Climate Change-Impact on Environment and human health Proceedings of National Seminar. Gayatri Vidya Parishad Degree College, Visakhapatnam, pp. 3-15.


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    Fisheries and aquaculture have very important roles for food supply, food security and income generation in India. About one million people work directly in the sector in the country, producing around 3 million tonnes annually. The production from capture fisheries is approaching the potential yield, and scope for further increase in production is limited. Climate change is pro-jected to exacerbate this situation. The potential outcome for fisheries may be decrease in production and value of coastal, and decline in the economic returns from fishing operations. Despite the uncertainties and potential negative impacts of climate change on marine fisheries, there are opportunities to reduce the vulnerabili~y to climate-related impacts. The following measures could contribute to coping with climate change: (i) adapting Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries; evaluating the adaptive capacity of important fish groups; (ii) identifying adaptive fishing and post-harvest practices to sustain fish production and quality; (iii) supporting energy efficient fishing craft and gear; (iv) cultivating aquatic algae, which have positive response to climate change for food and pharmaceutical purposes and for production of biodiesel; (v) increasing climate literacy among the fishing communities; (vi) establishing Weather Watch Groups; and (vii) evolving decision support systems for fisheries and aquaculture in the region. It is also important to recognize the synergies between adaptive and mitigation options related to climate change and nonclimatic factors such as responsible fisheries.

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