Lobster breeding, Sea ranching and juvenile fattening

Remani, M C and Thilakam, M L and Kirubagaran, R and Vijayakumaran, M and Venkatesan, R and Ravindran, M (2004) Lobster breeding, Sea ranching and juvenile fattening. [Teaching Resource]


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    Lobsters are one of the highly esteemed seafood delicacies and cu r re n t ly fetch the highest unit value among commercially exploited marine resources. These are decapod crustaceans belonging to fo u r fami l ie s : Nephropidae {clawed / true lobsters), Palinuridae {Spiny/ rock lobsters), Scyllaridae (Sand /slipper lobsters) and Synaxidae (Coral lobsters). Representatives of the families Palinuridae and Scyllaridae constitute the lobster fisher000y of India.

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    Uncontrolled Keywords: Lobster breeding; Sea ranching; juvenile fattening
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