E.G. Silas: A Phenomenon in Fisheries Arena Reminisces over his Professional encounters — In an Interview by D.D. Nambudiri

Nambudiri, D D (2010) E.G. Silas: A Phenomenon in Fisheries Arena Reminisces over his Professional encounters — In an Interview by D.D. Nambudiri. Fishing Chimes, 30 (1). pp. 16-22.


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    Eric Godwin Silas, world renowned fisheries scientist lives in Ambady Retreat, in a quiet villa situated in the suburbs of Cochin City. At 82 he keeps him self busy. He is now the Chairman, Research Advisory Committee of Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee o f Rajiv Gandhi Center for Aquaculture (MPEDA, Ministry of Commerce). He is a guiding force behind fisheries research in the country. For Dr. Silas, the interview was one of travellin g into the past. As an youngster, he evinced a deep love for nature and living organisms. He drifted from following his father’s profession. His father was an estate manager. Instead of following his father’s footsteps, he chose to become a fisheries scientist and administrator. He nurtures fond and respectful memories of his association in the 1950s with Dr. Carl L. Hubbs, doyen of Fishery Scientists in USA and with Dr. Sunder Lai Hora and Dr Salim Ali, who were mentors of his professional life. Silas is deeply conscious about the enormous quantum of effort and achievement needed in the fisheries sector, especially in the present deteriorating environmental conditions set in motion by global warming, over fishing etc. He expressed his concern over the present scenario of many of the predatory fishes high up in the food chain are conspicuous by their rarity. They are replaced by fishes of lesser value. He expressed disappointment at the perfunctory interest of the scientific community at the alarming situation and their casual approach to the problem. Silas continues to entertain immense faith in the capabilities of the younger generation of fisheries scientists and hopes that they will rise to the occasion in solving the problems confronting the fisheries sector. Silas is confident that the fisheries research institutions would conform to the mandate given to them and would support scientific fisheries research in solving all challenging issues. Silas loves to be engaged in hard and purposeful work and by nature, and he takes heavy load of work upon himself

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