Vitiaz Expedition to the Indian Ocean

Raghu Prasad, R (1960) Vitiaz Expedition to the Indian Ocean. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 2 (1). pp. 1-5.

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The Indian Ocean covering an area of about 28,000,000 square miles constitutes more than 14 % of the earth's surface. Except for the general features of its bottom topography, circulation, water masses and the distribution of its biota, little is known. More than half of this region has had no biological sampling and even in the areas sampled data are only on 1 to 4 observations per 100,000 square miles. As part of the IGY programme to explore the Indian Ocean, the Soviet Union agreed to send an expedition and on October 6, 1959, the Flagship of the Soviet Scientific Research Fleet Vitiaz left Vladivostock on her 31st cruise since commissioning as a research vessel and her first to the Indian Ocean.

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