Distribution of Chaetognatha off Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Srinivasan, M and Mathew, K J (1992) Distribution of Chaetognatha off Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 34 (1&2). pp. 287-290.



Chaetognaths from the zooplankton samples collected during the third Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (1983-84) between the latitude 67°30'S and 68"30'S and longitudes 14°00'E and 20°00'E off Queen Maud Land, outside the pack ice were studied, This investigation revealed the occurrence of Eukrohnia fowleri, E. hamata, Sagitta gazellae and S. tasmanica. Among these four species, { E. hamata formed 93% of the total chaetognaths. The numerical abundance of chaetognaths from the stations located in the southern, middle and northern latitudinal grids was studied and the spatial distribution of the species was reported.

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