Handbook of Indian Fisheries

Chopra, B N, ed. (1951) Handbook of Indian Fisheries. Ministry of Agriculture; Government of India.



India has considerable marine and inland fishery resources, but the extent of these resources has not been properly assessed so far. Judged by the fact that there is a coast line of some 29,0~ miles; a continental shelf, from the shore to the lOO-fathom line, of more than 1,00,000 square miles, into which numerous large and perennial rivers discharge their silt-laden waters; two wide arms of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea; a number of smaller gulfs and bays all along the coast; a large number of small oceanic islands with their innumerable creeks, bays, mangrove swamps and extensive coral reefs, the marine fishery resource must be fairly extensive. Similarly the extensive backwaters, tidal estuaries, lagoons and swamps scattered along the entire coast line, a large number of rivers, streams and channels and an enormous number of perennial and semi-perennial lakes, beels, reservoirs, tanks, ponds and other stretches of water, most of which though culturable, are almost fallow at present, are a rich potential source of inland fisheries. Both these resources, apart from being unestimated, are at present far from fully exploited or developed.

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