Resources of tunas and related species and their fisheries in the Indian Ocean

Silas, E G and Pillai, P P (1982) Resources of tunas and related species and their fisheries in the Indian Ocean. Discussion Paper. CMFRI, Kochi.

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With the new ocean regime coming into being, many of the countries including India have declared an EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) which extends national jurisdiction to 200 miles from the coast. This has created a greater awareness of our responsibility to wards the judicious exploitation of the living and non living resources coming under the extended jurisdiction. The problems of survey, assessment, utilization and management of the resources thus assumes priority. At the same time, the management of living resources, particularly the fishery resources receive both national and international importance. This is all the more so, as the exploitation of living resources has hitherto been confined to a narrow belt of the neritic waters. In the marine fisheries sector, with a decade of stagnation in world fish production, the declaration of the EEZ has given high hopes to some nations of substantially aug menting their fish production. To countries which had well established distant waterfishing operations covering the EEZ of other countries, the continuation of such operations poses serious problems. The new ocean regime undoubtedly offers some of the developing coun tries an opportunity for developing and expanding their capabilities of harvesting fish from their EEZ through their own effort or through collaborative ventures.

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