Photosynthetic efficiency of marine algae from Mandapam coast

Jayasankar, Reeta (2004) Photosynthetic efficiency of marine algae from Mandapam coast. Seaweed Research and Utilisation, 26 Special Issue . pp. 185-190.



Photosynthetic efficiency of the marine macrophytes from different groups were studied and compared with their pigment constituents. The photosynthetic activity was found to be maximum in green algae except for some coenocytic and calcified species. Thick and rigidly branched thallus possessed lower photosynthetic activity than the delicate and leafy thalloid of less thickness. P max activity of Gracilaria crassa was found to be lowest in the red algae taken for this experiment. Sargassum being rigid and thickly branched species possessed lower P max activity. The photosynthetic activity did not show a significant positive correlation with the chlorophyll content

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