Culture potential of the sand lobster Thenus orientalis (Lund)

Kizhakudan, Joe K (2006) Culture potential of the sand lobster Thenus orientalis (Lund). In: Proceedings of the International symposium on "Improved sustainability of fish production systems and appropriate technologies for utilization", 16-18 March, 2005, Cochin.



Complete larval development of the scyflarid lobster Thenus orientalis was achieved for the first time in India at the Kovalam Field Laboratory of CMFRI. There has been only one other earlier report of a similar achievement in T. orientalis from Australia. Sub-adult male and female T. orientalis collected from the wild matured and mated in captivity Larvae (phyflosoma) were reared in treated seawater of salinity 37-39 ppt and pH 8-8.2 and fed on a combination of fresh clam meat and live zooplankton

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