Distribution Pattern and Abundance of Bryozoa on Rocky Shores at Visakhapatnam, Bay of Bengal, India

Rao, K Satyanarayana and Ganapati, P N (1986) Distribution Pattern and Abundance of Bryozoa on Rocky Shores at Visakhapatnam, Bay of Bengal, India. In: Indian Ocean: Biology of benthic marine organisms. Thompson, Mary Frances and Sarojini, R and Nagabhushanam, R,(eds.) Oxford & IBH Publishing Co, New Delhi, pp. 563-578.

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There is a rich and varied bryozoan launa al several foreshore localities along the northeastern coast of India. At Visakhapatnam, abundant growths of bryozoa were observed. in dense bands. measuring as much as 80 em in width on the under· and verti cal surface of rocks. Detailed investigations were conducted on the Quantitative aspects of bryozoan distribution and zone pauerns in intertidal regions at two stations at Visakhapamam. The results obtained are presented in this paper. The study revealed that bryozoa are conspicuous faunules in lower midlittoral to infralittoral zones occupying considerable areas or protected and semiprotocled rock surfaces. The tidal ranges of individual species and their relative abundance were estimated. A luxurient and distinctive " bryozoan band", consisting primarily of Thalamoporella gothica var. indica, Hippopetraliella magna, and Steganopordlla buskii was discovered and incorporated into a tripanate zone pattern. Our study, the first of its kind from tropical shores. clearly indicates the quantitative significance of this important but hitherto little investigated group of organisms in tropical-shore ecology.

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