Influence of Thermal Effluents on the Growth Characteristics of Phytoplankton in the Waters of Tuticorin Bay

Gopinathan, C P and Pillai, V K and Rodrigo, Joseph Xavier (1994) Influence of Thermal Effluents on the Growth Characteristics of Phytoplankton in the Waters of Tuticorin Bay. In: Nutrients and bioactive sebstances in aquatic organisms. Papers presented in the Symposium held at Cochin, India 16-17 September 1993 . Society of Fisheries Technologists (India), Cochin, pp. 235-246.


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    The paper reports the results of investigations conducted in 1990, on the physico-chemical aspects of Tuticorin Bay waters in relation to the abundance of phytoplankton. Selected species of phytoplankton were experimental1y cultured to study the influence of thermal effluents. For this purpose cultures ,vere raised in media collected from 4 stations. showing different extents of pollution. Four species of nannoplankton, namely. l sochrysis galbana (Haptophyceae), Dicrateria inornata (chrysophyceae), Tetraselmis gracilis (Chloro-phyceae) and Chaetoceros calcitrans (Bacillariophyceae) were grown in the water samples collected from selected stations. The experiments showed stimulatory trend of growth for the first 7-8 days and gradual inhibitory effect on the multiplication in subsequent days. Among them, the phytoflagellates (Jsochrysis, Dicrateria and Tetraselmis)showed good growth in the samples of media collected from locations near to the pollution source. The rate of production of both Tetraselmis and Dicrateria, which are known to exist in the polluted waters, indicated enhanced growth in the Bay waters. The growth of the diatom, Chaetoceros has been found to be uniform except in the sample collected from the point nearest to the source of pollution. Though the long-term effects of these samples have not been studied, the experiments revealed the possible effects of.thermal effiuents on the phytoplankton population in the waters of Tuticorin Bay.

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