Endangered, Vulnerable and Rare Estuarine Shellfishes of India

Suseelan, C and Nair, K Prabhakaran (1994) Endangered, Vulnerable and Rare Estuarine Shellfishes of India. In: Threatened fishes of India. Dehadrai, P V and Das, P and Verma, S R,(eds.) Natcon, pp. 237-251.

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Estuaries and backwaters provide an ideal home for a variety of shellfish organisms. While some of the animals like clams, oysters, mud crabs and certain species of caridean prawns permanently inhabit this highly dynamic environment. many others utilise this area as their nursery or breeding ground. A number of commercially important penaeid prawns which contribute to the marine fisheries essentially spend their juvenile phase in brackishwater environments. Freshwater prawns of the genus Macrobrachium migrate 10 estuaries to facilitate larval development.

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