Bioactive chemicals from marine organisms - Extraction and analysis

Rajendran, I (2005) Bioactive chemicals from marine organisms - Extraction and analysis. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.


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    Marine natural products chemistry emerging as a multidisciplinary field drawing attention of chemists, along with pharmacologists and biologists is to explore compounds of novel features both in structure and biological activities. The recent trend of more biological screening along with structural identification of the compounds present in extracts of marine organisms shows that there is increased potential application of these secondary metabolites. The richness in marine bio diversity as the source of various biologically active compounds is now felt extensively. Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve (GOMMBR) present in South East Indian Coastal area has the coastal bio diversity housing appreciable number of various marine organisms. Though the GOMMBR is rich in various flora and fauna, work on the chemical aspects of its organisms is not well explored. At present, reports on Alcyonarian corals of this region are coming, but reports on sponges and finfishes are very scarce. This thesis describes the first chemical investigation of the marine organisms of Palk Bay, viz. sponges and a puffer fish. The organisms investigated in this thesis include five genera of sponges viz. Siphollochalina spp., Cervicornia spp., Hippospongia spp., Hyrlios spp. and Spongia spp. and puffer fish, Telraodon spp. The analyses have been carried out using GC-MS and most of the compounds have been characterized by their mass spectra by comparison with the data of standard compounds. The third chapter describes the chemical study of Siphonochalina. spp. Three fractions obtained have been analysed and nine compounds have been characterised from the first fraction, one each from rhe other two fractions. The fourth chapter descnbes the identification of compounds from three fractions collected from Cervicomia spp. Eleven fatty acid methyl esters, eight free fatty acids and ten other compounds have been found to be present respectively in these fractions. The fifth chapter deals with the chemical exploration of Hippospongia spp. isolating four fractions from the petroleum ether extract. There are nine compounds in first fraction, nine compounds in second fraction, two from the third and five from the last fraction. Different long chain hydrocarbons, long chain fatty acid methyl esters and steroids have been identified from these fractions.

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