Importance of biological studies in the development of fisheries

James, P S B R (1973) Importance of biological studies in the development of fisheries. Souvenir; College of Fisheries , Mangalore. pp. 7-11.


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The application of scientific knowledge for the development of the fishing industry lies in an intimate knowledge of the biology of fishes. Without proper knowledge of the life, habits and behaviour of fishes, it would not be possible to plan, control and manage the fisheries resources in a satisfactory manner. The importance of some knowledge of the hatural history and ecology of organisms affecting the particular fishery cannot be overestimated. Such knowledge is largely the basis for fishery regulation . It also helps in determining the need to improve a given environment and in the required direction. The fundamental principles of artificial propagation of fish rest upon a prior understanding of life of fishes in their natural surroundings. In this account, the importance of biological studies in the oevelopment of fisheries with special reference to inland and marine fisheries, fish processing and fishery regulation is outlined.

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