The sailfish fishery off Calicut during 1974-75 and 1975-76

Balan, V (1978) The sailfish fishery off Calicut during 1974-75 and 1975-76. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 25 (1&2). pp. 67-76.


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Unusual landings of the sailfish Istiophorus gladius (Broussonet) by the driftnet units, during the 1974-75 and 1975-76 seasons have been reported for the first time along the Calicut coast. The data on sailfish catches, the gear used and the area depths of fishing during the two seasons have been presented. The h'saviest sailfish catch was made in October 1974 (5505.0 kg). The catch data of the black marlin, Makaira indica (Cuvier) and the blue marlin, M. nigricans Lacepede, have also been given. Length-frequency studies on the sailfish during the above-cited seasons indicated that the standard length of the fish ranged from 1450 to 2590 mm. In October 1974, the dominant modal length was at 2000 mm. In November and December, both the 1950 and the 2050mm modal lengths preponderated. In January of 1975, both the 1850 and the 2200mm modal lengths were dominant. The 2050mm length mode of November progressed to 2150 mm in December and also in January 1976; it progressed further in February. The mean standard lengths of the fish have also bsen calculated. Studies on the stomach contents of the fish revealed that it feeds largely on teleost fishes and cuttle fishes {Sepia spp.). INTRODUCTION

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