Boring sponge infestation on the mussel Perna indica Kuriakose and Nair 1976 from the southwest coast of India (104)

Sunil Kumar, P (2002) Boring sponge infestation on the mussel Perna indica Kuriakose and Nair 1976 from the southwest coast of India (104). ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Versova.


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    The pattern of infestation of boring sponges on natural as well as tended stocks of brown mussel, Perna indica from six selected centres along the southwest coast of India during 1998-2000 period was studied and the salient findings emerged are presented in this thesis. A total of nine species of boring sponges was found to infest the mussel beds during the above period and the various species as per their numerical abundance in total shells examined are as follows: Cliona vastifica, Cliona lobata, Cliona margaritifera, Cliona celata, Cliona carpenteri, Thoosa hancocki, Thoosa armata, Aka minuta and Alectona millari. Cliona vastifica, since euryhaline, is distributed in the estuaries of this coast. Of the above nine species, C. margaritifera and C. lobata, two dreadful pests, elsewhere, have migrated to Vizhinjam area (culture rafts) around 1980 and since then have migrated to wild molluscan stocks along the southwest coast and thence to Gulf of Mannar causing considerable hike in the infestation pattern, species composition etc. The present study, made after 20 years from their first appearance at Vizhinjam, hence may be taken as a follow up in tracing their activities including their interaction with conventional species. During the present study the invasion of another common coral boring spol'lge of the Atlanto-Mediterranean zone (Alectona millari) could be detected from one of the above six centres. Two species common to coraV other shells could also be collected from mussels as pests. Utilising the samples collected regularly from different centres, details on length frequency distribution of both bored and unbored mussels, species composition, and pattern of incidence etc. were recorded and their monthly and yearly projections were made. Of six diseases caused in mussels due to sponge infestation blister formation was predominant (46.3 %). Pathological changes effected in the soft part of mussel were traced out with electron microscopic techniques. Species collected have been described with suitable illustrations and a key also is provided.

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