Studies on genetic architecture and predicted response in biometrical traits of sexually breeding Artemia

Shirdhankar, M M (1999) Studies on genetic architecture and predicted response in biometrical traits of sexually breeding Artemia. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai.


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A major problem encountered by the aquaculturists is the availability of the right kind of food, especially the Iive food, for rearing the larvae and juveniles of the finfishes and shellfishes under controlled systems. Artemia, a phyllopodus small crustacean, popularly called as brine shrimp, have been used as an ideal food for finfishes and shellfishes throughout the world. They are being offered not only to the fishes, but also to other diversified groups of animals. It has been estimated that Artemia have been fed to more than 80 % of marine animals cultured so far, as a sole diet or in combination with other food sources (Kinne, 1977) The life cycle of Artemia is composed of different stages like cyst, nauplii, metanauplii and adult, and interestingly all these stages are excellent live foods. The freshly hatched nauplii of Artemia are the most extensively used form. It has been estimated that over 2000 metric tons of Artemia cysts are hatched annually and the nauplii are used as live food (Stappen, 1996). The Artemia cyst, which is the dormant form of egg, is also an excellent and convenient source of food for larval rearing The adult as well as pre-adult Artemia are also widely used as hlc foud fur shrimps, prawns and juvenile fishes. The role of , Artemia as live food in crustacean hatcheries is very substantial.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: genetic architecture; predicted response; biometrical traits; sexually breeding Artemia
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Crustacean Fisheries
Fish Genetics
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