Distribution of sea weeds off Kattapadu - Tiruchendur coast, Tamil nadu

Kaliaperumal, N and Chennubhotla, V S Krishnamurthy and Kalimuthu, S and Ramalingam, J R and Pillai, S Krishna and Subbaramaiah, K and Rao, K Rama and Rao, P V Subba (1995) Distribution of sea weeds off Kattapadu - Tiruchendur coast, Tamil nadu. Seaweed Research and Utilisation, 17 (1&2). pp. 183-193.



The present paper deals with the distribution of seaweeds and seagrasses during the deep sea survey conducted in the first sector from Kattapadu to Tiruchendur in Tamil Nadu coast between December 1986 and March 1987 covering an area of 650 sq.km. In thiS survey. 58 species of marine algae \\ere recorded. of which 7 belong to Chlorophyta. 12 to Phaeophyta and 39 to Rhodophyta. Three species of seagrasses vi z. Cymodocea serrl/lata. Halophila ovails and H. ovala were also recorded at the depths ranging from 5.5 to 21.5 III Halim eda macroloba, D,ClyOIO barlayresiana, D. Maxima, Gracliaria corl/cala var. corlicala, G. edulis, Sarcodia indica, Sarconema filiform e, Soliena rob"sla, flypnea esperi and H. "alenliae were found to be dominant and widely distributed. Hydrological data were also collected from area surveyed. The atmospheric and bottom water temperature varied from 25.0 to 36.8'C and 26.0 to 31.8'C respectively. The pH ranged from 8.3 to 8.6 and the salinity from 26.39 to 33.430/00 . The dissolved oxygen ranged from 3A2 to 6.47 mill. The phosphate content varied from 0.05 to 0. 15 I'g atm/ l, silicate from 4.00 to 12.00 I'g atmll, nitrate from 0.25 to 1.00 I'g at mil and nitrite from 1.05 to 3.99 I'g atml l.

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