Ecological and productivity studies of prawn farms in central Kerala

Ignatius, C A (1995) Ecological and productivity studies of prawn farms in central Kerala. PhD thesis, Cochin University of Science and Technology.



Aquaculture of prawns in coastal brackishwater bodies ha s been recognized as one of the highly potential areas for increasing 'prawn production. It also derives economic benefits such as bettey use of unproductive and marginally productive lands, augmentation of export and foreign e xchange earnings, 'support to food processing industries and establishment of ancillary industries. As the prawn farms are located in the rural areas, generation of employment opportunities along with the upliftment of the socio - economic conditions of the rural poor population is also made pos sible through prawn farming. The driving forces behind increased aquaculture production of shrimp have been the continued market demand for shrimp and the large profit margin between the cost to produce through aquaculture and the world market price. Besides, increased demand for foreign exchange also makes shrimp farming a reality in many developing countries.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Ecological and productivity studies; prawn farms; central Kerala
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