Studies on the Potamidid snail Cerithidea (Cerithedeopsilla) cingulata (Gmelin,1790) (Mollusca : Mesogastropoda)

Sreenivasan, P V (1985) Studies on the Potamidid snail Cerithidea (Cerithedeopsilla) cingulata (Gmelin,1790) (Mollusca : Mesogastropoda). PhD thesis, Annamalai University.



Among mesogastropods, Potamididae , which comes uncier superfamily Cerithiacea. , forms an important constituent in the molluscan fauna of estuarine and intertidal region. At Porto NOvo, three species of this family belonging to two genera, Cerithidea and Telescopium, are common. The three spccies are different in their habit and habitats forming their own micro- ecological units and without competing with each other's territory. Their abundance in the estuarine system is really fascinating. Particularly Cerithidea (Cerithideopsilla) cingulata, is distributed in the Vellar estuary more widely than the other two and reaches an astonishingly very high number of 12000/ m2 and such enormous density is paralleled only by Hydrobia sp. (Hunter, 1964), in the temperate estuaries . On the otherhand, Telescopium tolescopium, the shell of which attains a very large size of about 11 cm, occurs in comparatively lesser numbers . Cerithidea (Cerithidea) obtusa is moderate in size and its density also is moderate, never reaching more than 100/m2. C.(C.) cingulata prefers submersion and periodical exposure, but C.(C.) obtusa prefers mainly exposure and avoids submersion . on the otherhand, T.teleseopium takes both submersion and exposure equally well. Thus, their accommodation to each other physiological and anatomical adaptations are matters of fascinating study .

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