Fishes from the high range of Travancore

Silas, E G (1951) Fishes from the high range of Travancore. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, 50 (2). pp. 323-330.



Travancore has not remained a terra incognita to the fluviatile ichthyologist, A perusal of the literature shows that, since the publieation of Day's 'Fishes of Malabar' (1865) and 'Fishes of India' (1878- 1888), a considerable amount of work has been carried out, especially during the past two decades. Situated at the extreme sout.h of Penin• sular India, Travancore has been noted for its richness in the number and variety of freshwater fishes, so much so that with every fresh collection new records, or species new to science, have been 0 discovered. The freshwater fish fauna is also noted for its high endemicity. A marked Malayan element in its fauna, is yet another feature.

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