V Cephalopods

Sarvesan, R (1974) V Cephalopods. In: CMFRI Bulletin No.25, The Commercial molluscs of India. CMFRI, Mandapam Camp, pp. 63-83.

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    The cephalopods (squids, cuttlefish and octopi) are exclusively marine molluscs. These are commercially important and are fished in large quantities in several countries. The average annual world catch of cephalopods during the period 1963-1969 was 901 thousand tonnes which is about 30% of the average total world mollusc production of 2,971 thousand tonnes for the same period (Table VI). Represented by over 650 species (Choe, 1966), cephalopods occur in all the oceans of the world, and are distributed from shallow inshore areas to deep oceanic waters. They widely range in size from tiny sepiolids to giants like Architeuthis sp, which grow to a size of over 60 feet in total length. They provide food for man and form part of the diet of animals such as whales, seals, oceanic birds and certain valuable food fishes. Cephalopods are caught in seas around India in fair quantities, but largely incidentally in nets that are operated for other commercial fishes, almost all through the year. Several species have been reported but to mention a few of the commonly occuring cephalopods are Sepia pharaonis Ehrenberg, S. aculeata Ferussac & d'Orbigny, S. thurstoni Adam & Rees, S. brevimana Steenstrup and Sepiella inermis (Ferussac & d'Orbigny) among cuttlefish, Sepioteuthis arctipinnis Gould, Loligo duvauceli d'Orbigny, Loligo hardwickii, Loliolus investigatoris Goodrich and Euprymna stenodactyla Grant among squids and Octopus dollfusi Robson, O. rugosus (Bosc), O. globosus Appellof, O. herdmani Hoyle and O. hongkongemis Hoyle among octopi (Rao, 1958; Silas, 1968).

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