The commercial molluscs of India

Nair, R V (1974) The commercial molluscs of India. CMFRI Bulletin , 25 . pp. 1-173.

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 India Bas very vJuabls marina rnolluacan resourceswhich haveboon utilized for food and for various other purpow since very ancient timss. The pearl . oysters, edible oysters, mussels, clams, ark-shells, the chank (Xw pyraun), squids and cuttle-fish support important fisheries in different areas ofthe Indian coasts. The identity, distribution and exploitation of the wmmoia -molluscan resouroes of our sea8 were studied during the aarly part of this wotury. During the rooent decades detailed investigations have bcn made on the sy~tmatiw, biology and fisheries of a number of commercially important species of molluscs and we haw a good deal of information about them. Much work ramsins to be done to get a comprehensive picture of tho resources. The production potcutials of culturing marine bivalves in our coaetal watets are very high sincethe shellhhe~~ feed on phytoplanktonand detritus and grow rapidly making very efficient we of primary production. This Bulletin has been brought out to present a consolidated account of the differentspecies of molluscs which constitute the important fishery resources, The available information on the biology, distribution and fisheriw of the different species has been compiled in thb publication and suggestionshave been made for the conservation and judicious exploitation of the rcsounxs. The urgent need for farming muaeIs, edible oystetas, chmr and pearl oysters and for conducting ex- periments to develop cultured pals from the Indian pearl oyster has been &hay stressed.

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