On the biology of Tachysurus caelatus (Valenciennes) from Veraval

Raje, S G (2003) On the biology of Tachysurus caelatus (Valenciennes) from Veraval. Journal of the Indian Fisheries Association, 30 . pp. 91-96.



The length-weight relationship of males and females of Tachysums caelatus can be described by the equation log W = -5.6659 + 3.2685 log L and log W = -4.7648 + 2.9104 log L, respectively. A sex ratio of 1.37 males : 1.00 females was observed. Fecundity in the fish measuring 385 to 402 mm ranges between 44 and 55 ova. It is a demersal carnivorous feeder, feeding chiefly on crustaceans, fish, molluscs and polychaetes.

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