Indian Mackerel; Distribution

Balakrishnan, V (1970) Indian Mackerel; Distribution. In: CMFRI Bulletin No.24. Nair, R V,(ed.) CMFRI, Mandapam Camp, pp. 15-16.

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Rastrelliger kanagurta is widely distributed in the tropical Indo-West Pacific region, roughly from longitudes 300E to 1600W and latitudes from 300S to 300N. It is recorded from almost the entire east coast of Africa, from Malagassy, Mauritius, Reunion Islands, Seychelles, the countries bordering the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, from the coasts of Pakistan, India, Ceylon, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, northern Australia, New Guinea, the Micronesian, Melanesian, Polynesian and Solomon Islands, the New Hebrides, Fiji and Samoa Islands, the Philippine Islands, along the coasts of the People’s Republic of China and Hongkong, Taiwan and Ryukyu Islands and some of the central group of Pacific Islands including those of Hawaii (Fig.2.).

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