Investigations on the creeks of Saurashtra

Kizhakudan, Shoba Joe and Kizhakudan, Joe K and Bhint, H M and Vaghela, D T and Fofandi, K N (2003) Investigations on the creeks of Saurashtra. Sustainable Fisheries Development: Focus on Gujarat . pp. 87-92.



Gujarat has a rich estuarine system supported by run-off from five major rivers, viz., Narmada, Mahi, Tapti, Banas and Sabarmati. The branches of these rivers form several small creeks which act as outlets to the sea. These creeks are known to have supported traditional fisheries for a variety of shrimps and fishes over the years. However, these fisheries are now on a declining phase. With reduced rainfall in recent years, these creeks remain saline for a major part of the year. Natural flushing is further obstructed by the numerous check dams and small impoundments constructed across the rivers and rivulets flowing into these creeks.

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