Geographic information systems and site selection issues of open sea cage culture

Jayasankar, J (2009) Geographic information systems and site selection issues of open sea cage culture. In: Course manual: National training on cage culture of seabass. Imelda, Joseph and Joseph, V Edwin and Susmitha, V,(eds.) CMFRI & NFDB, Kochi, pp. 111-119.



As is much known in the Information Technology circles, a pair of numbers narrates the past, describe the present and in fact most importantly seal the future. The pair obviously means the latitude and longitude of the location any where under the sky. This perspective of referencing any type of information be it scientific, sociological, psephological or economic, has taken the world of analytics by storm in past quarter of a century. The last decades of the previous millennium were dotted with spurt in methodologies and software which were totally dependent on this type of geo-referenced data. Information collected serially over time, popularly known as time series, always had a huge role to play in studying the impact of changing eras and centuries at larger level and seasons and cycles in shorter duration.

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