A century of molluscan fisheries research in India

Mohamed, K S and Rao, G Syda and Velayudhan, T S (2007) A century of molluscan fisheries research in India. In: Status and Perspectives in Marine Fisheries Research in India. Mohan Joseph, M and Pillai, N G K,(eds.) CMFRI, Cochin, pp. 173-196. ISBN 81-901219 6-0

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7 A century of molluscan fisheries research in India K.S. Mohamed, G.S. Rao and T.S. Velayudhan 7.1 Historical India has extensive molluscan resources along her coasts. In the numerous bays, brackish waters and estuaries and in the seas around the subcontinent; molluscs belonging to different taxonomic groups, such as, mussels, oysters, clams, pearl-oysters, window-pane oysters, ark-shells, whelks, chanks, cowries, squids and cuttlefish have been exploited since time immemorial for food, pearls and shells. Systematic and organized studies on molluscs of India have been initiated by the British more than 100 years ago in the late 19th century. One of the earliest (in 1893) recorded studies has been that of Melville and Abercrombie on the littoral marine molluscs of Bombay. This was followed by a number of systematic works on cephalopods by Europeans such as, Goodrich, Preston, Massy and much later by Adam. In 1916, Annandale and Kemp identified a number of commercially important molluscan fauna off the coast of Orissa and West Bengal. Herdman’s reports to the Government of Ceylon on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Mannar (1903-1906) dealing with different aspects of pearl oysters and pearl oyster fisheries like systematics, morphology and life-history of pearl oysters, parasites, pests and predators of pearl oysters, pearl formation, location of pearl banks, their ecology and flora and fauna are most outstanding and valuable reference works on the subject. Undoubtedly, the most seminal work on bivalves in the early 20th century was that of Hornell, who studied the molluscan resources of Indian coasts carefully, especially those of the composite Madras State, and published a number of detailed accounts dealing with the habits, habitat, distribution, fisheries and utilization of several commercial molluscs.

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