Seaweed resources and distribution in deep waters from Dhanushkodi to Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu

Kaliaperumal, N and Chennubhotla, V S Krishnamurthy and Kalimuthu, S and Ramalingam, J R and Pillai, S Krishna and Muniyandi, K and Rao, K Rama and Rao, P V Subba and Thomas, P C and Zaidi, S H and Subbaramaiah, K (1998) Seaweed resources and distribution in deep waters from Dhanushkodi to Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu. Seaweed Research and Utilisation, 20 (1 & 2). pp. 141-151.



The deepwater seaweed resources survey was carried out during 1986-1991 at the depths ranging from 5 to 22 m in Tamilnadu coast from Dhanushkodi to Kanyakumari. The vegetation of seaweeds and sea grasses occurred in all areas except Dhanushkodi - Mandapam and Manapad – Kanyakumari. A total number of 100 algae and 5 seagrasses were recorded. Among the 100 algal species recorded, 20 species belonged to Chlorophyta, 18 species to Phaeophyta, 61 species to Rhodophyta and 1 species to Cyanophyta. The total estimated standing crop (wet wt.) from 1863 sq. km. sampled area was 75374.5 tonnes consisting of 2750 tonnes of Sargassum spp., 962.5 tonnes of Gracilaria spp., 5262.5 tonnes of Hypnea spp. and 66399.5 tonnes of other seaweeds. The quantitative analysis of economically important seaweeds revealed the feasibility of commercial exploitation of Sargassum from Mandapam to Kilakkarai and Tuticorin areas, Hyphnea from Mandapam to Vembar area and Gracilaria from Vembar to Nallatanni Tivu region. Hydrological data were, also collected from the area surveyed.

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