Exploitation of marine fishery resources and their utilization

Sathiadhas, R and Narayanakumar, R and Sehara, D B S (1995) Exploitation of marine fishery resources and their utilization. In: Proceedings of Fourth Swadeshi Science Congress, 5 - 7 November 1994, Kochi.



Demand for marine fish is continuously increasing in the external and internal markets. Diversified Fishing by adopting various technological options has enhanced the ",arine fish production from 1.~r('t during 1983-8.4 to 2.3 mt during 1992-93. The expanding aquaculture industry supplemented the shrl!"p production from capture fisheries and Ileiped to enhance our export performance. Aquaculture production of shrimps recorded a three fold increase during the last decade from 14,000 tonnes during 1983-84 to .45,000 tonnes during 1992-93. The present analysis indicates that about 10% of the marine production is channeled to export markets. The utilisation of fish and fish produds1iave undergone changes over the years. The consumption of dry fish has dedined and other forms of preservation like freezing and canning have gained momentum. Thetrashfish, hitherto largely under-utilisedhasbeendiverted to fish mealplants which proved a boon to the poultry industry. Product diversification in marine exports boosted our foreign exchange earnings from $600 million during 1992-93 to $800 million during 1993-94. The quantity of shrimp and cuttle fish export, registered a growth of 16%and 8%respectivelyover the previousyear. At present, value added products account for 12%of our exports indicating scope for further development. The live fish trade of crabs and lobsters have a flourishing market in south east Asian countries. Some varieties like sea horses, sea fans and sharks have pharmaceutical utility.

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