Development of eggs and larvae of marine fishes

Bensam, P (1989) Development of eggs and larvae of marine fishes. In: Summer institute in recent advances on the study of marine fish eggs and larvae, 14 June - 3 July 1989, Kochi.



For an individual fish, the beginning of development is fertilisation of the egg by spermpatozoa. Most marine teleosts have pelagic eggs which drift with the plankton in a ll water layer between the surface and the bottom However, fishes like the British herring and Blennier and Gobier have demersal eggs, which attach to substrata like stones, shells and weeds. Usually, pelagic eggs are transparent and spherical, with the exception of the eggs of certain engraulids t o l e v h o r u s which are oblong. When the embryo is fully developed, ' &t hatches out as larva and undergoes further development, Fertilisation end Embryonic development

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