Molluscan biodiversity and resource conservation

Appukuttan, K K (2008) Molluscan biodiversity and resource conservation. In: Glimpses of Aquatic Biodiversity- Rajiv Gandhi Chair Special Publication. Natarajan, P and Jayachandran, K V and Kannaiyan, S and Ambat, Babu and Augustine, Arun,(eds.) CUSAT, Kochi, pp. 103-110.



The phylum Mollusca is currently the second most diverse animal group with origin date back before Cambrain. These animals are soft bodied heterogeneous group with great antiquity and are extremely diversified in shape and colour. This animal group include coat-of-mail shell (Ampheneura), snails (Gastropods), clams, oysters and mussels (Bivalvia), octopuses, squids and cuttlefishes (Cephalapods), less obvious animals such as slugs and sea slugs (which have an internal shell), and elephant tusk shells (scaphopod).

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