Tuna Bait-Fishery in minicoy and agatti Islands of Lakshadweep

Nasser, A K V and James, P S B R (1996) Tuna Bait-Fishery in minicoy and agatti Islands of Lakshadweep. In: The Fourth Indian Fisheries Forum, Proceedings, 24-28 November, 1996, Kochi .



The pole-and-line tuna baitfishery at two major fishing islands of Lakshadweepduring the fishing seasons of 1988-89and 1989-90 are described. The total bait caughtlseason at Minicoy was about 7 tonnes with a CPUE of 2.1 kg while at Agatti it was about 47 tonnes with a CPUE of 8.5 kg. A total of 11 species belonging to the families : Clupeidae. Caesionidae, Apogonidae and Pomacentridae contributed to the fishery at Minicoy and at Agatti only a single species Sprutelk~icles drlicutubs was used as live bait. The size distribution of baitfishes and the influence of environmentul parameten on the fishery was also studied. More information on the fishery in other areas of Lakshadweep, the exact quantity of bait used by a boat, biology of baitfishes to undentand their recruitment and culture potential are some of the management options discussed.

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