Indian Marine Molluscs

Appukuttan, K K (1998) Indian Marine Molluscs. In: Kadalekum Kanivukal (Bounties of the Sea). Ravindran, K and Srinath, Krishna and Kunjipalu, K K and Sasikumar, V,(eds.) CIFT, Cochin, pp. 29-33.



Molluscs are soft-bodied non-segmented invertebrates, popularly known as shellfish, though not a fish in the strict sense. The soft body of molluscs is protected by an outer casing, usually hard, composed of calcareous material without an internal skeleton. In cephalopods viz. squid, cuttlefish and octopus, an internal skeleton is present. Almost 600 million years back, during Cambrian period, these animals appeared on earth and it was in 1757 that Linaaeus first clamifled them under molluscs.

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