Pearl culture

Victor, A C C and Chellam, A and Dharmaraj, S (2000) Pearl culture. In: Marine Fisheries Research and Management. Pillai, V N and Menon, N G,(eds.) CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 775-785.



Pearl culture gives the highest gross income for unit area among aquaculture systems. The techniques developed by CMFRI to suit Indian condition have attracted the entrepreneurs to enter into the venture of pearl culture. The rate of return works out to more than 50%. The recent line of research on the onshore pearl oyster farming and pearl culture, can easily revolutionize the concept and this can be profitably taken up in the east and west coasts of India where prawn farming was successfully conducted. In this paper the cost of seed production and economics of pearl production is dealt with The possibilities of taking up production of seed of desired qualities through selective breeding, manipulation of conditions in the onshore tanks culture are counted as priorities. Black pearl production and farming and pearl culture in the natural beds are the other priorities.

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