Studies on the mangrove ecosystem

Selvaraj, G S D (2000) Studies on the mangrove ecosystem. In: Marine Fisheries Research and Management. CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 162-176.


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Mangrove ecosystem is one of the most specialised and productive coastal habitats in the world. Due to human interference in many ways, most of the mangrove forests are on the verge of destruction and disappearance. The main causes for the degradation of Indian mangroves are land reclamation, pollution and overexploitation of the resources. A proper understanding of this specialised ecosystem and careful implementation of the conservation measures would alone save the ecosystem from further destruction and extinction. The present account deals with the ecological aspects of the mangrove habitats covering their extent, distribution, zonation, biological assemblage, hydrography and productivity, and giving importance to their role, man-made impacts and conservation aspects with emphasis on the approaches for the sustainable use of this ecosystem to the mankind with special reference to the mangroves of India.

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