Stock assessment of mackerel in the Indian seas

Yohannan, T M and Ganga, U and Rohit, Prathibha and Pillai, P P and Nair, P N Radhakrishnan and Gopakumar, G and Kasim, H M and Abdussamad, E M and Sreenivasagam, K and Shanmugavel, A and Sumithrudu, M S (2002) Stock assessment of mackerel in the Indian seas. In: Management of Scombroid Fisheries. Pillai, N G K and Menon, N G and Pillai, P P and Ganga, U,(eds.) CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 101-107.



Along both the coasts they start appearing in the catches when they are about two months old. But, along the west coast they are fiilly recruited to the fishery at an age of 6 months and along the east coast this happens at an age of 9 months. Bulk of the catches from west coast is by large seines of small meshes where young ones are liable to be caught and peak catches are from the size group of 140-149 mm. The major gear along the east coast is gill net with larger mesh and peak catches are from size group 190-199 mm. Along the west coast the estimated annual total mortality is 3.6. With an estimated M of 2.64 the fishing mortality F is 0.96 at an exploitation rate of 0.27 and E _^ estimated is 0.70.

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