An account on the disposal of deep sea sharks and skates at Tuticorin

Balasubramanian, T S and Rajapackiam, S and Arumugam, G (1992) An account on the disposal of deep sea sharks and skates at Tuticorin. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 116 . pp. 10-12.



Roughly 6.9 tonnes of sharks were auctioned for Rs. 97,242/- during the five months period. The elasmobranch catch comprised of 6 species of sharks such as 1. Carcharhinus sorrah (Spot tail shark), 2. Carcharhinus longimanus (Oceanic while tip shark), 3. Carcharhinus brivipinna, (Spinner shark), 4. Carcharhinus limbatus (Black tip shark), 5. Carcharhinus melanoptenis (Black tip rear shark) and 6. Sphyma lewini (Scallopped hammer head shark) and one species of Skate Rhina anchylostoma. The flesh was salted and sent to Kerala. The liver was utilized for extracting oil and the fins were dried for export.

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