Book Review: Palaemonid Prawns - Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Biology and Management

Menon, N G (2002) Book Review: Palaemonid Prawns - Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Biology and Management. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 173. pp. 11-12.


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Several species of low volume, high value prawns are of great fishery potential throughout the world and hence they play vital role in the economics of those countries through the domestic and export trade. Although the decapod penaeids with their rich biodiversity are widely subjected to research and vividly described in various literatures, the super family Palaemonidae remains at the back and have not received due attention in India insplte of their academic and economic impoitance. Moreover all available literature on this group are highly scattered. The palaemonid prawns form an important source for capture and culture fisheries in the inland waters. The prawns under the subfamily Palaenominae are Inhabitants of inland waters with potential for aquaculture, whereas the members of the subfamily Pontomlnae are exclusively marine and they being brilliantly coloured, are potentially valuable as ornamental candidates for marine aquaria. Since majority of the members of palaemonidae are valuable components in the economics of Asia, America and Europe, informations on their taxonomy, distribution and biology are important prerequisites for manageme

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