Elasmobranch fisheries of India - An appraisal

Raje, S G and Mathew, Grace and Joshi, K K and Nair, Rekha J and Mohanraj, G and Srinath, M and Gomathy, S and Rudramurthy, N (2002) Elasmobranch fisheries of India - An appraisal. CMFRI Special Publication, 71 . pp. 1-76.

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Elasmobranchs comprising sharks, skates, guitarfishes and rays have attracted increased attention in recent years both from research and conservation points of view. The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has been collecting landing statistics and making estimates of production for the past five decades. Besides, the Institute has also been collecting data on biological characteristics of some species from selected landing centres. However, the knowledge on these resources has not so far been consolidated, mainly owing to lack of adequate information on individual species contributing to the fishery and the various aspects of their biology. Globally, however, increased concerns are expressed on the sustainability of the elasmobranch fisheries while some countries have even harmed the exploitation of certain species. It was therefore felt desirable first to consolidate the data and knowledge available from the Indian EEZ on the status of elasmobranch fishery so that suitable action plans could be formulated for research, development and conservation. This process was initiated about two years ago and now we are ready with the results of the voluminous data processed and consolidated

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