Appraisal of the Marine Fisheries of Kerala

Jacob, T and Rajendran, V and Pillai, P K Mahadevan and Andrews, Joseph and Satyavan, U K (1987) Appraisal of the Marine Fisheries of Kerala. CMFRI Special Publication (35). pp. 1-42.


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Kerala, the southwestern part of the peninsular India, has a narrow stretch of land with a long surf-beaten coast on the western side and a lush green mountain range on the eastern side. The coastline is 590 km long, which is almost one-tenth of the Indian coastline. Marine fishing, using artisanal tackles like boat-seines, shore-seines and Chinese dip nets, is an age-old tradition of the state. Mechanisation was started in late fifties by the Indo-Norwegian Project, at first in the Quilon area. The early sixties too saw an important technological development, namely the shift from cotton to nylon nets. By mid-sixties, individual entrepreneures entered the scene, paving way for a fast development of trawl fishery in the coastal waters. Commercial purse-seining started during late seventies, and the process of large-scale motorisation of country crafts began in early eighties.

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