Utilization of the potential Marine Fishery Resources of India

Nair, M R and Govindan, T K (1987) Utilization of the potential Marine Fishery Resources of India. CMFRI Special Publication , 30 . pp. 88-98.



India's potential marine fishery resources, which have been projected at 4.5 million tonnes per annum, is thrice the current average production. The most important methods of utilization of fish in the country at present are in fresh condition and By salt-curing and drying, which together use up 87% of the catches. Of the remaining, 5% each is utilized frozen for export And for reduction into fishmeal. The rest is utilized for canning and for miscellaneous purposes like extraction of oil, manure Etc. With the introduction of more efficient craft and gear and Modern methods of harvesting worked out by our Research Institutions, a major portion of our potential resources, if not all, is likely to be netted in the near future. It then becomes binding on our part to make the best use of this natural bounty without any wastage whatsoever. This latter aspect has been Fully tackled and solved by recent researches carried out on post harvest Technology, the more salient points of which are discussed in this paper.

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