Vivekanandan, E and Rajkumar, U and Nair, Rekha J and Gandhi, V (2003) Goatfishes. In: Status of Exploited Marine Fishery Resources of India. CMFRI, Cochin, pp. 158-163. ISBN 81-901219-3-6


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Goatfishes (family: Mullidae) are easily distinguishable by their bright colour with shades of red or yellow predominating, and distinctive dark, yellow, orange or brown bands or stripes; and the presence of two long, unbranched barbels on the chin. They are usually found on sandy or muddy bottom, whereas a few species are often associated with coral reefs. They inhabit shallow coastal waters and their concentration is generally restricted to a depth of 40 m or less and they rarely occur beyond 60 m depth. Upeneus sulphureus often enters estuaries. U.sulphureus, U.vittatus and U.bensasi form small schools whereas other species such as U.tragula are solitary.

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