Potential marine fishery resources

Joseph, K M and John, M E (1987) Potential marine fishery resources. CMFRI Special Publication, 30 . pp. 18-43.



Among the countries bordering the Indian Ocean, India has strategic advantages in exploitation of marine fish resources with its long coast line of 6100 km and rich and varied fishery resources within 2.02 million sq. km Exclusive Economic Zone. The present marine fish production of 1.85 million tonnes is less than half of the conservative potential estimate of 4.2 million tonnes (George et ah 1977). iThe trends in marine fish landings of past few years indicate that the coastal fisheries viz. oil sardine, mackerel, Bombay duck and penaeid and non-penaeid prawns may not contribute significantly for further increase in marine fish production of our country. Hence, while monitoring the resources for management of these stocks for conservation as well as exploitation up to the sustainable-yield level, we have to be on the look out for new potential resources in our EEZ.

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